Transportation is a key source of GHG emissions resulting from human activities that are responsible for climate change. It accounts for about 34% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Canada (Province of Ontario, 2007). The Ontario Climate Action Plan has outlined the strategy to address it from the provincial and municipal levels. Sheridan has implemented different programs and initiatives to advance low carbon and zero emission transportation.

In collaboration with The Region of Peel, The Office for Sustainability was pleased to offer the project Davis Commuter Movement in 2018 and start a new cycling program in 2019. To learn more, click on the links below:
Davis Commuter Movement
Sheridan Bike Hub

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Travelling to Campus – Your Commuting Options
At a personal level, everyone can make a contribution by using alternative transportation options in their daily commutes. Instead of driving alone to campus, you can share a ride with others, take public transit, bike or walk to campus. Not only will your sustainable transportation choices help reduce the College’s collective GHG emissions and relieve the traffic congestion problem of the city, your personal health will also be benefited.

Sheridan offers carpooling permits. As a car-pooling permit holder, you can park your car at one of the carpooling parking spots near the main building entrances at the Davis and Trafalgar campuses. To learn more about registering a carpooling group at Sheridan, you can visit the Parking Services website.

Taking Public Transit
You can arrive on campus using local transit services or Go Transit. To learn about the public transportation options, click on the campus below:
Davis Campus
HMC Campus
Trafalgar Campus

To plan your trip and estimate the travel costs, you can use the free Triplinx app. It provides different transit routes across the municipal boundary in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton areas. To check out how you can commute to your campus, simply enter your start and end location on the Triplinx page, you can click here.

Cycling and Walking
There are bicycle racks and bottle-filling stations available across the campus. To find out their locations, click on the sustainability map for each campus below:
Davis Campus
HMC Campus
Trafalgar Campus