Alternatives to Fast Fashion

Fast Fashion 101

Fast fashion can be characterized as low-quality, cheap, mass and quickly-produced fashion. Essentially everything is QUICK to keep up with the changing trends!
  • Designs are copied quickly
  • Garments are made quickly
  • Trends come and go quickly
  • Garments are thrown away quickly

To learn more about the environmental cost of the fashion industry, click here.

Slow Fashion! What is it?

  • Slowing down consumption: Buying less
  • Upcycling and mending
  • Rewearing garments: Timelessness over trends  
  • Intentional design & mindful manufacturing: Made with quality materials (e.g., linen) in small quantities
  • Frequently made-to-order to cut down on wasteful production.
  • Items are sold at (local) stores rather than huge chain enterprises.
  • Per collection, fewer specific styles are released (twice/at max three times a year, or there is a permanent seasonless collection) (Conscious Life & Style). In contrast, fast fashion brands like Zara puts out 24 collections per year (Business Insider)

 Illustration by Conscious Life & Style

What does a capsule wardrobe look like?

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of timeless pieces that you’d wear for years and which won’t go out of style. Capsule wardrobe pieces can be paired together with versatility to create different looks with a few pieces that suit your personal style and lifestyle. 


  • Start with what you already have! Do an audit of your current wardrobe and pair outfits.
  • If you have clothes that you do not wear, choose to swap them with your family/ friends or repurpose.
  • When making purchases choose to shop with a purpose. Invest in quality over quantity! (MasterClass)

Image source: OWNMUSE

Myth Busters

  Illustration by Fashion Revolution Canada