Cycling Resources

Enjoy educational video content created by the Sheridan Bike Hub that will enhance your cycling experience. This resource page includes educational clips, recorded workshops, and additional sources shared in the links below. Be sure to check back, as more content will be added!

Safety Tips

The Bike Hub videos in the playlist below provide tips for when you use a bike to get around.

Additional information regarding helmet safety can be found in The Peel Region Cyclists Handbook  (page 6).  To register your bike with the Peel Police to prevent theft, see page 14 or visit our post on bike security. 

Riding Tips

When riding in the city, you will encounter different situations. Here are some tips on how to safely navigate other users of the road and the road conditions.

Online Workshops

The Bike Hub has offered a series of hands-on workshops during the fall semester. The recordings of the workshops are available below. In the coming months, the Bike Hub will continue to offer workshops which can be found under the events page. These are personalized workshops brought to you by the Sheridan Bike Hub to help you navigate different types of riding conditions and learn how to do bike repairs.

  1. Cycling Safety – Understand the rules of the road,  proper communication, and practice your riding skills to safely navigate with other users of the road/trails.
  2. Introduction to Bike Repairs – Get familiar with the main parts of your bike that allow you to diagnose bike repairs.
  3. Route Planning and Riding on the Road – Learn how you should position yourself on the road, the types of infrastructure you will encounter, riding skills, and more.
  4. Brakes Workshop – Brakes are the main safety feature of your bike. Ensure that they function properly to enjoy a smooth ride.
  5. How to Fix a Flat & Tire Issues – A flat tire is a common issue that can prevent people from biking. After this workshop, you’ll be able to patch it up so nothing can stop you!
  6. Fall & Winter Cycling – This workshop will prepare you for fall and winter cycling as the season changes with less daylight hours, more snow and wet conditions.
  7. Winter Cycling – Learn more details on winter cycling, how to maintain your bike and keep yourself safe. Here is the Mississauga and Brampton snow maintenance schedules to check when your route is cleared after snowfall.
  8. Indoor Bike Exercises – Not riding this winter but don’t want to loose your muscle progress? This workshop provides exercises you can add to your workout that engages in muscles you use when you ride.
  9. Introduction to Electric Bikes – Interested in learning about the differences, styles, and use for electric bikes? Learn more what to look for when purchasing one and how to safely use it on our streets and trails.
  10. How to Purchase a Bike – Get tips for purchasing a used or new bike, and learn how to know which bike is suitable for your needs.

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Additional Resources:

Online Bike Maps:
Mississauga Bike Map
Brampton Bike Map
Oakville Bike Map 

Interactive Peel Trails Map 

Cycling Skills: Ontario’s Guide to Safe Cycling for more details on how to safely ride a bike in your neighbourhood. It’s an in-depth guide that discusses bike safety, handling skills, road signs, traffic signals, the law and much more.

The Peel Region Cyclists Handbook and The Family Cycling Handbook editions offer a quick guide on safe cycling practices within the Region of Peel.

Walk and Roll Peel is a wonderful resource for your cycling needs, specific to Mississauga, Brampton or Caledon.

Snow maintenance maps for Mississauga and Brampton.