Waste Bin Program

As part of the Zero Waste program, Zero Waste stations have been introduced across all three campuses. Below are the details about the program:

  • Three waste streams are provided: Organics, Mixed Recycling, and Landfill.
  • Three waste bins, one for each waste stream, are placed side by side in every Zero Waste station.
  • All bins are colour-coded: green for “Organics”, blue for “Mixed Recycling”, and black for “Landfill”.
  • Staff are responsible for emptying any waste bins they have under their own office desks into the shared ZW bins in the common office areas. This helps increase awareness about waste reduction and diversion.
  • The ZW stations are provided in the hallways near the entrance of the regular classrooms.
  • The ZW stations are provided in the hallways at the entrance of the washrooms.

To learn why it is important to sort waste, watch the Robbie’s Big Why video below.

To learn how to reduce waste from single use plastics and coffee cups, click HERE.