The Office for Sustainability (OfS) works as a catalyst for change by partnering with faculty, students and staff to foster a culture of sustainability and to use the campus as a ‘living laboratory’ for innovation. It oversees the implementation of Sheridan’s Mission Zero goals and convenes the community to share best practices and develop new programs and policies that strive to serve as replicable models to inspire our students and future leaders.

Its role is to act as a ‘multi-disciplinary hub in order to find applied solutions and influence the adoption of sustainable practices in the post-secondary, government, non-profit and business sectors. The OfS team in partnership with all Campus operations works to expand the integration of sustainability into operational practices throughout Sheridan. OfS works to leverage the collective knowledge of our partners across Sheridan.

Herbert Sinnock, CET, CEM, CMVP, LEED Green Associate
Manager, Sustainable Energy Systems

Wai Chu Cheng, MES, MEd
Coordinator, Sustainability

Anna Pautler, PhD, LEED Green Associate
Officer, Sustainability Data Assessment and Reporting

Photo of Office for Sustainability Team. LEFT: Herbert Sinnock MIDDLE: Anna Paulter RIGHT: Wai Chu Cheng