The Integrated Energy and Climate Master Plan (IECMP) is Sheridan’s long –term solution to reducing energy and greenhouse gas emissions. The projects associated with the IECMP are a series of upgrades and retrofits integrated into Sheridan’s foundation as a means to increase building efficiency and gain control of energy management. From the lights that illuminate our way to the air controlled in each room, every innovative feature was considered with sustainability and conservation in mind. Both the Trafalgar and Davis campus will continue to undergo renovations to upgrade lighting and controls, mitigate solar gain and thermal loss, replace and upgrade the Building Automation Systems (BAS), and integrate energy distribution and supply. Other on-going renovation projects, such as furnishing and installation of equipment, also have a focus on sustainability. What do all of these mean for Sheridan?

Sheridan will have complete control to prevent lights being left on 24 hours a day, improve building insulation, mitigate energy being wasted to heat or cool rooms, and reduce heat loss in heat distribution.

Having already garnered much success, Sheridan is on its way to becoming a national and community role model with world-class energy performance. There are some areas that require fine tuning and as such we welcome any feedback from the Sheridan Community so that we can direct our efforts to improve system operations. Send us your feedback at