Lighting Controls

Problem Diagnosis

As part of the IECMP’s Lighting Fixture Retrofit and Lighting Controls Integration, lighting controls throughout Sheridan were given a much needed upgrade. The preexisting light switches were dated and sometimes mysterious as to what they controlled. The unlabeled light switch set made it difficult for users to determine which button would turn “on” and “off” a specific set of lights in the room. The situation also resulted in the persistent problem of lights being left unintentionally “on” in unoccupied rooms.

Two dated versions of lighting switches in a Sheridan classroom.

Dated light switches will be removed from all classrooms and office spaces

An Integrative and Technological Solution

Together with energy-saving LED light fixtures, Sheridan has also installed Cooper Lighting’s Fifth Light addressable lighting control system which utilizes a Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) 2.0 protocol. The DALI is a standard used in network-based lighting control systems to monitor and address each integrated component such as the multi-sensor, wall station, and lighting devices (electrical ballasts and dimmers). Fifth Light technology optimizes Sheridan’s lighting systems through:

  • Improved lighting control on a floor by floor, room by room, or occupant basis
  • Unique lighting preferences through dimmable lighting options
  • Energy conservation with motion and daylight sensors
  • Detailed diagnostic reports on lighting components

The Results

The Fifth Light system incorporates a number of strategies to improve lighting control.  Building occupants of Davis’ B-Wing and Student Centre and Trafalgar’s E-wing, A-Wing, B-Wing, and C-wing are already familiar with the installation of user-friendly and intuitive wall stations which provide better lighting control to users. With the ability to use custom lighting zones and dimmable lighting solutions, users will experience a more comfortable work environment.

Office spaces have the option to set all lights to a preset level (BRIGHT or DIMMED) using the Scene 1 and Scene 2 buttons. Alternatively, users can manually dim or raise light levels with the Master Dimmer.  The improved personal control provided by the Fifth Light technology allows occupants in adjacent office spaces to have unique preferences met at the same time.

Classrooms have a different wall station functionality which makes controlling lighting zones easier. The Scene 1 and Scene 2 buttons enable users to toggle “on” and “off” classroom lighting zones individually. All lighting zones can be toggled “on” and “off” together using the Master Button. Similar to offices spaces, the Master Dimmer allows for all lighting in all zones to be dimmed or raised.

Office Lights Switch Guide. Scene 1 is bright. Scene 2 is dimmed. Master button turns all lights on and off. Classroom Light Switch Guide. Scene 1 turns half of the lights on/off. Scene 2 turns the other half on/off. Master Button turns all lights on/off.

Multi-sensors have been installed in all recently renovated rooms and hallways in Trafalgar and Davis. The multi-sensors located on the ceiling detect both the number of occupants and the amount of daylight in the room or hallway. If the motion sensor detects that there are no occupants in an area, the DALI will respond by automatically switching off the lights. Additional lighting energy savings and optimal lighting conditions are achieved through a daylight harvesting algorithm. Light levels will adjust according to the amount of natural light in the area.

Photo of a multi-sensor in the ceiling of a classroom.

Newly installed multi-sensors

In addition to improved lighting energy savings and comfort, the Fifth Light system optimizes overall maintenance. Through detailed diagnostic reports, Facilities is able to detect LED failures readily and track energy consumption throughout Sheridan.   In the coming months, Facilities will also be working on improving lighting energy performance by scheduling light systems according to the room usage hours.