Davis Native Habitat Creation

In October 2021, Sheridan Mission Zero partnered with Credit Valley Conservation Authority (CVC) on its Greening Corporate Grounds program to plant 129 native trees and shrubs, such as Red Oak, American basswood, Serviceberry, and Smooth rose, at the Davis Campus. An additional 350 plants were installed by ecological contractors for a total of 479 planted on campus. Through these new trees and shrubs, we are aiming to restore the woodland habitat in the area as part of our effort to support campus biodiversity and combat climate change.

Some of the benefits of these newly planted shrubs and trees include —

  • Habitat creation for birds, pollinating insects, such as bees and butterflies, and other wildlife
  • Provide shade to help cool down the temperature around the area thus reducing the urban heat island effect
  • Prevent soil erosion, improve groundwater filtration, and reduce flooding