Commuter Movement

The Office for Sustainability and The Region of Peel collaborated to offer Commuter Movement at the Davis campus in 2018. Through the project, our participants learned about their commuting options of carpooling, taking public transit, cycling and walking, and received modal travelling plans and individual travelling plans.

As part of the project, below is a Commuter-shed Map created by the Region of Peel using the postal codes (FSA) of the Davis members provided for the Fall of 2017. About one-third of the Davis population lived close enough to cycle or walk to campus. Specifically, 21% of the Davis population lived within a 2 km radius and 32% lived within a 5 km radius. And 26% lived in the four closest postal codes.

You can download the Davis modal travel plans:


Transit and Shuttle

Walk and Bike

If you require this information in an accessible format please contact:

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