Let’s put the Global Goals into Action!

We’re participating in SDG Week Canada (March 6-10), a country-wide campaign to mobilize the 17 United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through education! Throughout the week there will be interactive programming on post-secondary campuses to increase awareness of and… Read More

Recognize your Mission Zero Hero

Do you know a Sheridan student or employee whose actions – big or small – show they are passionate about making a positive impact on their environment and community? If a classmate, colleague, professor or student comes to mind,… Read More

Office Cleanup Resources

The Office for Sustainability encourages each of us to remain mindful of Sheridan’s aim to eliminate all waste going to landfill as we declutter and refresh our workspaces. They have outlined easy-to-follow guidance, using the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”… Read More

REUSE at Sheridan

Let’s start a REUSE Revolution! Before you toss an item in the bin, stop and think if it can be used for another purpose or by someone else. The attitude of REUSE begins with a mindset that materials… Read More

Learn to identify invasive plants!

Invasive plants are undesirable because they put local biodiversity at risk, negatively affecting native plants, wildlife, and their habitats. They do so by out competing native plants and altering natural areas because: They are usually the first plants… Read More

Explore Biodiversity with us!

As the weather gets warmer, many are getting outside more and are reconnecting with nature while enjoying its health and wellness benefits. While outside, a great way to connect with nature is to learn more about its biodiversity… Read More

Our Dumpster Diver’s Tips- Part 2

Last week, our Robbie shows why sorting waste is essential for everyone. This week, Robbie wants to talk about single-use plastics. In this short video, Robbie provides tips on how to reduce waste from single use plastics. Hope… Read More

Our Dumpster Diver’s Tips- Part 1

Today we start our series showing how sorting waste at Sheridan is easy. Meet Robbie who knows waste better than anyone. In this short video, Robbie shows why sorting waste is essential for everyone. Hope you’ll enjoy it…. Read More