Mission Zero Volunteer Opportunity!


Come and make some new friends before the new semester begins! Being a Mission Zero volunteer is a friendly and exciting opportunity to become part of the Sheridan community. It’s a great way to get to know other people before the school year starts. You will help educate and inform students about zero waste and encourage everyone to reduce reuse and recycle. You will also have the opportunity to support other cool initiatives such as Repair Café Sheridan and waste audits. These hours will be counted in your Co-curricular Record (CCR). To help you get started, you will be invited to receive training at the beginning of the semester.

If you really can’t wait to get started, there is an upcoming opportunity to take part as a volunteer. Orientation week is next week (Aug 29 – Sep 2) and we need volunteers to help educate people about zero waste as well as guiding people to sort out waste. There will be a training session at the beginning of each day before the start of the event and do a briefing of what to expect. You can choose whichever campus is convenient for you.

The Marketplace events will be held next week:
Davis: Monday Aug. 29 & Tuesday Aug. 30 (11 am – 1 pm)
Trafalgar: Thursday Sept. 1 & Friday Sept. 2 (11 am – 1 pm)

If you’re interested or have any further questions, please e-mail Wai Chu (waichu.cheng@sheridancollege.ca).

If you would like to volunteer for Mission Zero for the Fall semester, please fill out the form here.

Tour de Sheridan – Join Us on July 20!

The first 30 participants will receive a free water bottle with our Tour de Sheridan logo. All participants will have a chance to win a raffle prize!


Jack Darling Memorial Park at the Waterfront in Mississauga

Would you like to enjoy cycling with other Sheridan members and tour around our neighbourhood this summer? You are invited to join the first Tour de Sheridan! Any Sheridan members, including students, faculty and staff are welcome to join this fun event. Staff members are asked to discuss their participation with their supervisors for approval.


Any Sheridan member


Cycling is fun. This is the best time of the year to tour around our neighbourhood by bike. At this event, you can also get a chance to meet other cyclists in our own community. Let’s stay active and encourage each other to do exercises that promote health and wellness.

Date & Time:

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 – 8:00 to 11:30 a.m.


Choose one of the following two routes –

  1. From the Trafalgar campus to Jack Darling Memorial Park and return to the Trafalgar campus
  2. From the HMC campus to Jack Darling Memorial Park and return to the HMC campus

We will be using nature trails and less busy streets. The HMC cyclist group will take Burnhamthorpe and Culham Trails whereas the Trafalgar cyclist group will use Waterfront Trail.

Mileage and Meet-up:

Each route is about 17 km one way.

All participants will meet at Jack Memorial Park for a refreshment break at 9:30 a.m. before the return trip

Address of Jack Darling Memorial Park: 1180 Lakeshore W, Mississauga



Tour de Sheridan Water Bottle



Raffle prize – Duffle bag on wheels









The first 30 participants who registered and completed the cycling trip will receive a Tour de Sheridan water bottle!

All participants will be entered for a raffle draw to receive a duffle bag on wheels provided by Akran Marketing.

How to Join:

Sign up for one of the following two pace groups, which start at a different time at the “S” of the Trafalgar and HMC campuses:

  1. Road bike group – meet at “S” at 8:30 a.m. (faster pace)
  2. Recreational bike group – meet at “S” at 8:00 a.m.

** For those individuals who choose to start at a different location outside the campus, please arrive at Jack Darling Memorial Park to meet with the whole group for  a refreshment break at 9:30 a.m.

Registration Deadline:

Monday, July 18



This event is offered by the Office for Sustainability, Green Teams and Sheridan Student Union (SSU). Thanks to SSU for providing refreshments.

For any questions, please contact Wai Chu Cheng, Sustainability Coordinator at waichu.cheng@sheridancollege.ca.




Come Join Bike to Campus Day at HMC!

Sheridan_ScreenImage_BikeDay_2016 (FINAL FINAL - RESIZED)

On Thursday, June 16, Sheridan is offering a Bike to Campus Day at the Hazel McCallion campus from 7:30 am to 9:00 am. Thanks to the great support of Smart Commute Mississauga, each participant will enjoy a free bike safety check and receive a breakfast bag and a T-shirt when you arrive!

To join this event, please register online by June 13, 5 pm at: http://hazelcampus.bikeday.ca.

An information booth for this event will be set up on Wednesday May 25 during the lunch hours at the atrium of the HMC campus. Our event support team, including reps from the Green Team and the Student Union, will be at the booth to answer your questions, such as which bike route to take from your home to campus and where the secure bike locker room and shower facilities are located on campus. They will also share with you some road safety tips.

HMC bike racks

Don’t forget the Bike Month starting on May 30. Simply log your cycling trips on the Smart Commute online tool between May 16 and June 30 and you will be automatically entered into the raffle draw for a chance to win one of three $500 VIA Rail vouchers.

Cycling provides multiple benefits to commuters, especially on health and cost savings. Sheridan supports the use of alternative modes of transportation, which include cycling, walking, taking public transit and carpooling. When more people use alternative modes of transportation to travel to/from the campus, the roads will be less congested and less greenhouse gas emissions will be produced. As well, we will also enjoy better air quality in the city.

Bike to Work Day – May 30, 2016


Join thousands of cyclists across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area on Monday, May 30 to kick off Bike Month with Smart Commute’s annual Bike to Work Day!

Cycle to work in the month of May and June for a chance to WIN 1 of 3 $500 VIA Rail vouchers!

How? Simply log your cycling trips on the Smart Commute Tool between May 16 to June 30, 2016 and you will be automatically entered into the prize draw.

Important – to join a network, search for your Sheridan campus (Davis/HMC/Trafalgar) under the “Search Networks” field on the registration page.

Contest closes at 5 pm ET on Thursday, June 30, 2016. Click here for Contest Rules & Registrations.

You are welcome to use the Smart Commute tool not just to track your commute by cycling but also other sustainable modes of transportation including carpooling, taking public transit and walking. For any questions, feel free to email Wai Chu Cheng, Sustainability Coordinator, at waichu.cheng@sheridancollege.ca

To Sheridan’s Spring Cleanup Volunteers: Thank You!



HMC volunteer team 2Davis_gp 2

On Friday April 22, Sheridan’s Spring Cleanup event was held in three campus locations to celebrate Earth Day. We are pleased to announce that it was a great success. Many thanks to the terrific efforts of all the volunteers. You have helped brightened up the trails and the wooded areas around the campus and the neighbourhood! Special thanks to the Advancement and External Relations, Facilities Services and Green Teams, for your great support in the planning, promotion and set up of the event.


winning team_reduced sizeIt was a sunny, warm day. As the volunteers started out for their litter pick-up, they self-organized themselves in small groups. They all came back with a smile on their face. Over the course of 1.5 hours, our 33 volunteers, including staff and students, collected a total of 27 bags of waste in three waste streams. One group at the Trafalgar campus returned with the most amount of waste and two most unusual items at the same time. This group (left), made up of four members from the Digital and Social Media unit at Sheridan, included Justin, Jen, Shamelle and Christine. Together they brought back from the trails a total of 19 kg of waste, including an old TV set and a tusk-shape item (below). They both were disposed of as e-waste. Each of the group members will receive a Mission Zero T-shirt from the Office for Sustainability.

tusk shape item

Justin with tv

Justin (above)  from the winning team shared with us why it was important for him to participate in this event, “As a member of the Sheridan community, the Campus Cleanup event was an enjoyable and welcomed opportunity to help make a positive impact. A chance to get out of the office, get some steps in, and clean up the campus made for a great day—and we found some pretty interesting stuff, too!” The volunteers found a lot of plastic water bags, plastic bottles, plastic straws, paper coffee cups, some wire and an umbrella. They also found other interesting items such as a seat cushion and some kitchen towels.

For more photos of the Cleanup event, please visit our Facebook page (Sheridan Mission Zero)

To learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities and Sustainability events, please visit our Mission Zero website . You are welcome to sign up for our mailing list. You can also follow us on Twitter (mssnzero).

For any questions, please feel free to contact Wai Chu Cheng, Sustainability Coordinator, at waichu.cheng@sheridancollege.ca .

Spring Campus Cleanup April 22 – RSVP by April 20!

As Spring is just around the corner, Sheridan is organizing campus cleanups in our three campuses, Trafalgar, Davis and HMC. We would like to remove litter that has accumulated throughout the year on the trails, in the woodlands and the peripheral areas around the campus property.

We are now looking for volunteers to join us for the cleanup event in each campus on Friday, April 22. By participating in this event, not only will you help the environment, but you will also have an opportunity to get active and meet other members of the Sheridan community!

The event will last for 1.5 hours. Based on your availability, you can participate from 30 minutes up to more than an hour. We will have a group photo taken at the start time of each campus location.

Below are the time and location for the April 22 event. As the weather is forecast to be rainy on Friday, we have changed all meeting locations to indoors.  Please register via the link below by Wednesday, April 20. A reminder email will be sent to those who have registered on Thursday.


Trafalgar Campus

Time: 12:00 – 1:30 p.m.

Meeting location: Inside the SCAET main entrance (outside S235)

Davis Campus

Time: 3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Meeting location: In front of the Cafeteria

HMC Campus

Time: 12:00 – 1:30 pm

Meeting location: Beside the Living Wall

What to expect?

At the start time of the event of each campus, we will provide directions on where to pick up the litter and the safety instructions. Gloves and bags will be handed out. Waste will be collected in three types of plastic bags. Participants are encouraged to work in small groups.

Two Group Awards

  1. Collecting the heaviest weight
  2. Finding the most unusual waste item

For any question, please email zerowaste@sheridancollege.ca.

Hope to see you there, rain or shine!

Office for Sustainability

Sheridan E-Waste Collection Days: April 13 – 14


Every year 20 to 50 million tons of e-waste are generated globally. It is the most rapidly growing segment of  municipal solid waste. The average Canadian generated about 24 kg of e-waste in 2012. This added up to 860,000 metric tonnes for the entire country. The total amount is equivalent to more than 7 times the weight of the CN Tower.

As part of Sheridan’s Zero Waste Initiative, Sheridan supports the recycling of e-waste. E-waste contains hazardous metals such as lead, cadmium and mercury, which contaminates soil and pollutes air and water supplies. Recycling e-waste can divert these hazardous materials from landfills and incinerators. As well, valuable materials in the e-waste such as aluminum, copper, gold, silver and plastics can be recovered and they can be used to make new products. This reduces the demand for extracting new resources and thus reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

So how can you help?

If you have extra electronic items like computers, monitors, TVs and cell phones at home that you don’t need, first consider donating them to others in need in the community. If they are broken, try fixing them rather than buying new ones. If your electronics are obsolete and you would like to dispose of them, make sure they are recycled properly.

Next Wednesday, April 13 and Thursday, April 14 are Sheridan’s E-Waste Collection Days. You are welcome to bring your e-waste from home and drop them off at any one of the four campus locations as below.

Sheridan’s E-Waste Collection Days

Date: April 13 (Wed) – April 14 (Thur)

Time: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.


Davis: B Wing Atrium

HMC: Atrium

STC: West Entrance

Trafalgar: B Wing Main Hallway

Acceptable Items:

  • Computers and laptops
  • Keyboards, mice and computer accessories
  • Printers and scanners
  • Printer cartridges and toner
  • Televisions
  • Monitors
  • VCRs and DVD players
  • Radios, stereos and speakers
  • Cameras and video recorders
  • Home phones and cell phones
  • Batteries (electronics only)
  • Cables, cords and computer wires
  • Microwave ovens

For more information, please contact zerowaste@sheridancollege.ca.

Earth Hour at Sheridan

On Saturday, March 19th Sheridan participated in Earth Hour with millions of other businesses and individuals from around the world.

Earth Hour is an annual event organized by WWF to raise awareness about climate change. Businesses, organizations, residents, and governments around the world participate by powering off their lights from 8:30-9:30PM. Earth Hour began in Australia in 2007 and has since grown into a worldwide event.


Sheridan’s Trafalgar, Davis, and Hazel McCallion campuses participated by turning off non-essential lights as well as select mechanical equipment. Some buildings stayed off until the following morning or throughout the rest of the weekend. Starting at around 8PM on Saturday, Sheridan’s electricians went around Davis, Trafalgar, and HMC campuses to shut off corridor lights and certain outdoor lights. The new lights on the DALI system and mechanical equipment controllable through the Building Automation System were programmed to be shut off.

The Residences were involved in Earth Hour by engaging students in eco trivia and inviting them to turn off lights and appliances in their dorm rooms. Students were also given “dirt and earth worms” that were made up of crushed up Oreos and gummy worms. RAs also presented quick interesting facts about the environment and the benefits of saving energy.

Both Athletics locations (at Trafalgar and Davis campuses) closed down a bit early in order to participate in Earth Hour. The Davis Student Union also shut down their lights. Students and employees were invited to take part by shutting off lights, powering down their computers, and shutting off monitors in their space before leaving campus on Friday evening or by participating at home.

Earth Hour around the World

WWF estimates that 2016 was the largest Earth Hour ever! Over 178 countries and territories participated and more than 400 of the world’s iconic landmarks were switched off. The event was also popular on social media with over 2.5 billion Twitter and 18.7 million Facebook reach in the week prior to Earth Hour. See “At a Glance” below from www.earthhour.org.


Source: https://www.earthhour.org/EH2016-at-a-glance


Watts in an Hour?

You might wonder how much of an impact shutting down a few lights for an hour would have. How much electricity, measured in kilowatt hours (or kWh), were actually saved?

Luckily, as part of the Integrated Energy and Climate Master Plan (IECMP) to reduce Sheridan’s energy use by 50% by 2020, sub-meters have been installed at Davis and Trafalgar campuses to monitor individual building’s energy use in 5-minute intervals. Previously only monthly data were available from utility hydro invoices. Sub-metering allows us to nail down the impact of Earth Hour.

Compared to a typical Saturday at Davis Campus, electricity use was about 16% lower during Earth Hour (orange bars in graph below). It’s estimated this saved about 450 kWh. That’s enough to power a typical Ontario home for more than half a month!3Trafalgar Campus started winding down after 5PM or so on the day of Earth Hour compared to a typical weekend. Lights, fans, and some air handling units were staggered to turn off before the official start of Earth Hour. They were left off the rest of the night, the entire weekend. Most mechanical equipment was also staged to turn back on over a period of time to reduce the strain on the power grid from everything turning back on at the same time.

The graph below shows the dip in power demand at Trafalgar Campus during the Earth Hour weekend (orange line) compared to a typical weekend (blue line). It is estimated this reduced 1,092 kWh or enough to power a home for over a month!4Although the data are not available, additional electricity use was also likely reduced at HMC, which also participated in Earth Hour.

Not counting HMC, Sheridan avoided 1,551 kWh of electricity use and 119 kg of greenhouse gas emissions.

Beyond the Hour

Earth Hour is meant to be more a symbolic awareness-raising event rather than a strategy to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. By quantifying the impact of Earth Hour at Sheridan, we hope to showcase the magnitude of Sheridan’s energy use compared to a typical home and to highlight the impact that businesses can have by participating in energy efficiency programs.

As part of its IECMP, Sheridan College is doing its part to install energy efficient lighting, gain control over heating and cooling of spaces, and improve energy efficiency. This helps us reduce our carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels.

Individuals can help us reduce energy use by turning off lights when you leave an empty room, shutting off your computer and monitor when not in use (as well as at the end of your work day), and letting Facilities know when your space is too hot or cold.

Thank you to everyone who made this year’s Earth Hour possible including Facilities managers and operations staff, Security & Parking, Health & Safety, Communications and External Relations as well as everyone who participated. For questions/comments about Earth Hour or what you can do to go “Beyond the Hour,” contact the Office for Sustainability at sustainability@sheridancollege.ca.

Zero Waste Gets Real: Coffee Cups

Tim Hortons_CompressedPurchasing coffee or tea has been part of the daily routine for most Canadians. Most people use disposable cups rather than bringing reusable ones. Many of them use multiple cups a day without thinking of the cost of a coffee cup and its environmental impact. At Sheridan, it is estimated that during the semester, more than 80,000 coffee cups are sold in one month and only 1% of the customers bring their own mugs. According to a City of Toronto research (2009), more than one million coffee cups are sent to landfills every day*. When stacked up, the height is equivalent to 216 CN Towers. As well, the production and shipping of a coffee cup with the paper sleeve emits about 0.11 kg. In our campus, coffee cups are collected with the organic waste through the Green Bin and then transported to a waste management facility where they are converted to electricity and fertilizers through a process called anaerobic digestion. This is a green process but it costs the College much more when compared to shipping the cups to landfills. Last year, the total amount of waste generated on campus was 1,448 tons. The organic waste produced accounted for 19% of the total weight but represented 35% of the total cost we paid to the waste hauler ($235,000).

So how can you help Sheridan reduce the cost and environmental impact caused by the coffee cups? The number one thing you can do is to bring your own coffee mug. You can also save $0.1 to $0.2 each cup. It can add up to a saving of $100 a year.

Below is the cost discount per cup from the various coffee outlets on campus:

  • Tim Hortons: $0.10
  • Second Cup: $0.20
  • Coffee Loft: 10%
  • Bruins Coffee House: 15%

Would you like to learn about more benefits of bringing your own mug?  Please visit our Mission Zero “Get ‘MUGGED’ Campaign” booth! It is running during lunchtime at the busiest locations at Davis, HMC, and Trafalgar throughout the month of March!


Our Mission Zero volunteers will invite you to try out a couple of fun games which test your knowledge about coffee cups and share with you tips to reduce your ecological footprint. You will also be invited to enter a raffle to win a Sheridan coffee mug!


We hope to see you at our Mission Zero “Get Mugged Campaign” booth!


Join Sheridan in Earth Hour!

Earth Hour Poster 2016 v1

Join Sheridan in earth hour on Saturday and help reduce your carbon footprint!