Carpool Week

Sheridan is a member of Smart Commute, they provide interactive and educational ways to reduce our carbon emissions through the many modes of transportation. This campaign is focused on carpooling during the week of February 4th – 10th. Join the Sheridan carpooling network to find colleagues near you and log your trip on the Smart Commute Tool for a chance to win great prizes! Contest period between January 28 – February 10.

More than a quarter percent of our greenhouse gas emissions are from transportation and we want to provide ways to reduce our carbon footprint as a community. This is an opportunity for you to find carpool buddies and reduce the number of vehicles needed to arrive on campus.

Some benefits to carpooling is to reduce the number of individual passengers and cars on the road, sharing your driving trip can decrease the wear and tear on your car, save gas and money, reduce pollution, and meeting new people.

How Carpool Week works:

  1. Use the Smart Commute Tool to determine drivers or passengers near where you want to travel. There is an option to travel with the Sheridan College network.
  2. Determine where to meet, either at your house, their house, coffee shop, GO transit lots, or anywhere along the way.
  3. Consider creating a driving schedule to know who is driving which day/week if applicable.
  4. Create a routine. Check in regularly (text or call the day before) to have an ETA, have a late policy, and create a back-up plan.
  5. Discuss cost-sharing. Use this tool to calculate the costs of driving.  
  6. Give it time to figure out what works best for you!

Looking for more tips? Check out the list from Smart Commute.

You can also watch the webinar, The Subtle Art of Forming A Carpool here.

New Zero Waste Bins at Trafalgar Campus

Over the college-wide holiday break, roughly 100 new Zero Waste bins were installed around Sheridan’s Trafalgar Campus. These sleek, newly-designed metal bins, which fully comply with fire code regulations, were strategically placed in hallways around campus.

Existing bins were removed from all classrooms and from washrooms that have automated hand dryers. Signs and posters will be placed around campus, reminding students about the locations of the new bins.

Now it’s easier than ever to sort your waste! Learn what waste goes where. And when you recycle, you’ll help protect the environment by diverting waste from landfills.

Together, we can do our part for the environment!

Did you know?

Sheridan is a postsecondary leader in sustainability initiatives. Since introducing campus-wide Zero Waste stations in 2014, Sheridan has drastically reduced its amount of landfill waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

The intent of Zero Waste stations is to encourage the community to divert organic waste and reduce the amount of garbage going to landfills. Zero Waste stations are a key component of Sheridan’s bid to achieve zero waste status by 2020.

Zero Waste is an initiative under the Mission Zero project, which also encompasses Sheridan’s Integrated Energy and Climate Master Plan, designed to decrease our overall energy and carbon emissions by 50% by 2030.

Winter Office Clean-Up

Say goodbye to the unnecessary clutter that’s been hanging around your workstation and weighing you down.

In partnership with Facilities Services and the Office for Sustainability, we invite you to take part in the Winter Office Cleanup. This fun initiative will be held at all three campuses as follows:

  • Trafalgar Campus: Monday, December 17 – 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • HMC Campus: Wednesday, December 19 – 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Davis Campus: Thursday, December 20 – 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Community Drop-Off Sites

  • Trafalgar Campus
    • A-wing 1st Fl. Room A117 OR C-wing 1st Fl. Learning Commons
  • HMC Campus
    • A-wing 1st Fl. Starbucks OR B-wing 1st Fl. Creativity Commons
  • Davis Campus
    • A-wing 1st Fl. Room A109 OR SC-wing 1st Fl. The Den (Room SC150)

Participants can dress casually for the day and will be treated to a free lunch and eco-friendly reusable tote bag! And guess what? Participation is simple! Just follow these steps:

  • Step One: In the morning, stop by Community Drop-off Site(s) at your campus to retrieve your very own tote bag.
  • Step Two: Fill your tote bag with recyclable waste and/or landfill waste from your office and/or workstation.
  • Step Three: Carry your waste down to the drop-off site for proper disposal. That’s it!

Large Items:

You are invited to dispose of unwanted large/bulky items, such as furniture pieces. Moving support will be made available.


There will be a donation bin for office items in good condition (e.g. binders, folders, photo frames, décor accessories). Ambassadors will help sort and distribute the items to various charities after the event.

Did you know? The benefits of a clean and tidy workstation include:

  • Better organization, leading to increased productivity
  • Improved mood and feelings of satisfaction
  • Reduced risk of injuries caused by excess clutter
  • Minimized risk of pest intrusion

*Volunteers are needed!* 

Volunteers will work in the Community Drop-off sites as greeters and will help participants sort their waste. Volunteers will receive training prior to the event. Volunteers will be asked to work for a half day or a full day from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and/or from 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Staff will need to get permission from their supervisor to participate. To volunteer, please email

By participating in this exciting initiative, you can help make a difference in our environment and reduce waste at Sheridan. Now is the perfect time to eliminate the excess waste that’s been stressing you out. Start the New Year off with a clean, refreshed workspace!

For the common questions about the event days or how to sort your waste, please visit the FAQ Winter Office Cleanup page.

Make a difference this holiday season. Register NOW for the Winter Office Cleanup!

If you have any questions, please contact

Repair Café at HMC – Volunteers Needed!

repair cafe banner

Are you the kind of person who avoids tossing things in the trash whenever possible? Do you enjoy fixing things and teaching others? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, we need your help!

Sheridan is offering its next Repair Café event at the Hazel McCallion Campus on November 29. We are looking for volunteer fixers who are skilled at repairing household items, including everything from computers and electronics to small appliances and clothes.

repair cafe

Faculty, staff and students are all welcome. As a fixer, you will help visitors repair the items they have brought in and explain to them the repair process. Below are the details of the next Repair Café:

  • Date: Thursday, November 29
  • Time: 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Location: HMC B-Wing, Creative Commons (first floor)

If you are interested in volunteering for this event, please fill in a volunteer sign-up form.

Never been to a Repair Café before? You can check out the short documentary Fixed!, which recently aired on TVO and is now available online.

repair cafe

Sheridan is the first postsecondary institution in Canada to host a Repair Café. It was launched in April 2014 as part of the Mission Zero initiative. Learn more about the philosophy of Sheridan’s Repair Cafés on the Curiosities Blog.

Repair Café is a global movement started in Amsterdam in 2009. It aims to reduce needless waste that is sent to landfills and to change society’s throwaway mindset. To date, there are over 1,500 Repair Cafés worldwide. To learn about other Repair Cafés around the globe, please visit the Repair Café Foundation website.

For any questions, please feel free to contact the Office for Sustainability at

Student and Employee Commuter Survey!

What’s your commute like? Please tell us!

You’re invited to take an important survey about your daily commute. This survey will help us determine how to further assist employees and students with their commute to campus.

Sheridan, in collaboration with SustainMobility and Smart Commute Halton, has introduced the Smart Commute Program to all three of its campuses to support sustainable commuting options.

Employee survey: October 24 – November 2

Student survey: November 5 – 16

Click the links below for the employee and student surveys:

Take the survey now:

Take the survey now:

Great news! Every participant will be eligible to enter a draw for a chance to win a $200 Sport Chek Gift Card!

We thank you in advance for your voluntary participation. Your input will help us make informed decisions to provide the best service possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Office for Sustainability at

Fall Campus Cleanup Days: Volunteers are Needed!

Join us for the upcoming Campus Cleanup Days held at Davis and Trafalgar. Everyone in our community, including faculty, staff and students is welcome!

During the event, the participants will help remove the litter that has accumulated during the summer months on the trails, in the woodlands and the peripheral areas of the campus property.

By participating in the campus cleanup event at your campus, not only will you help the environment, but you will also have an opportunity to get active and meet other members of the Sheridan community. If you are participating with your fellow members from your department or program, this will also be a fun activity for team-building!

The event will run from 12 to 2 p.m. You can participate from 30 minutes up to two hours. We will provide participants with gloves and bags to collect waste. Snacks will be provided. Every participant who volunteer for more than half an hour will have an opportunity to take part in a raffle draw for a green prize.

Below are the details of the two events. Please register using the link below.

Davis Campus –

Date & Time: Friday, October 12, 12 – 2 p.m.
Meeting location: B Wing Cafeteria Entrance

Trafalgar Campus –

Date & Time: Thursday, October 18, 12 – 2 p.m.
Meeting location: SCAET Main Entrance Lobby

To join one or both of the cleanup events, please register below –
Registration link

For any questions, please email Feel free to visit our website to learn about our latest zero waste initiatives.

Hope to see you at the Campus Cleanup Days!


Oakville Digs Pollinators – A Walk and Talk with Native Plant Experts

As part of Sheridan’s biodiversity initiative, we are excited to offer the second workshop on the conservation of pollinators this fall.

At the Oakville Digs Pollinators workshop, we will have native plant experts leading the group on a nature walk around the campus and talking about the importance of local biodiversity, planting native plants at urban sites, and the identification of different species that have been planted at the Medicine Wheel and Wildflower gardens at the Trafalgar Campus. Participants will also learn about online resources to plant their own native gardens and find native species in nurseries.

The details of the Oakville Digs Pollinators workshop are as follows:

Date: Thursday, October 11
Time: 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Location: Trafalgar Campus, G302
Audience: anyone from Sheridan and the wider community
Cost: Free!

If you are planning to attend, please register – Click here!

The two workshops on pollinator conservation are one of the three components of the Wildflower and Pollinator Protection and Enhancement Program created by the Office for Sustainability and supported by the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation. This workshop was offered in collaboration with our partners including Oakvillegreen Conservation Association, Carolinian Canada and WWF.

The wildflower community-planting event we offered in June was another component of the Wildflower and Pollinator Protection and Enhancement Program. We shared what we accomplished here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

Hope to see you at the workshop on October 11!

Give Bees A Chance: A Workshop on Pollinator Conservation

Photo credit: Anthony Colangelo/Pollinator Partnership

As part of Sheridan’s biodiversity initiative, we are excited to offer two hands-on workshops on the conservation of pollinators this Fall. These workshops are one of the three components of the Wildflower and Pollinator Protection and Enhancement Program created by the Office for Sustainability and supported by the TD Friends of the Environment Fund.

The first pollinator workshop will be held next Thursday, September 27 at the Trafalgar Campus. In this interactive workshop, participants will join conservation ecologists from Pollinator Partnership to learn about the diversity of bees in our community, the latest science on conservation issues, and the concrete actions you can take to make a difference.

Pollinator Partnership is a non-profit dedicated to the protection of pollinators through conservation, research, and education. Bees, butterflies, birds, bats, and beetles that pollinate are responsible for bringing us one out of every three bites of food, and also sustain our ecosystems by allowing over 87% of flowering plants to reproduce. Growing scientific evidence is revealing that these animals and their pollination services are in trouble and need our help. Pollinator Partnership works in communities across North America to make a positive difference for these unique creatures and to raise awareness for the crucial ecosystem services they provide

Below are the details of the workshop:

Give Bees a Chance: A Workshop on pollinator conservation

Date: Thursday, September 27
Time: 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Campus: Trafalgar campus, Sheridan College
Room Location: G102
Audience: Anyone from Sheridan and the wider community is welcome
Cost: Free!

To join the workshop, please sign up here 

The second pollinator workshop will be held on October 11, 5 to 7 p.m. Please stay tuned for further details.

The wildflower community planting event we offered in June was another component of the Wildflower and Pollinator Protection and Enhancement Program. We have shared what we accomplished here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at





Sheridan ARE YOU READY?!

There’s a Bike Shop coming to HMC, in the A-Wing and we need your help to name it for its grand-opening! We’re working to create a Do It Yourself Repair Shop, a Free Rental Service, and a Mentorship Program.

Our goal is to have the shop and rental service fully operational by the end of October, so that students can take full advantage of this new resource as soon as possible.

There have already been some great suggestions from your peers, but we wish to give the Sheridan Community one more chance to name their Bike Centre. Let us know of any names you would like to see above the door and we will choose the top favourites by September 30th. We will have a vote of our top favourites afterwards.

To give you a little idea of what’s happening here is an image of our Future Rental Bikes:

How to suggest a name?
Comment on this post below!

Stay tuned for more updates 🙂

We Need You: Fall 2018

Do you care about your environment? Do you like meeting new people and working towards improving your campus experience? When you join our Mission Zero volunteer team, not only will you have fun in meeting new people at your campus, you will also be able to log down the volunteer hours that will be counted towards your Co-curricular Record (CCR). If you are interested in learning more or signing up, please click here.

This year, the Orientation Marketplace event was held at each of our three campuses during the week of August 27 to 31. The Office for Sustainability set up a booth introducing our work. The new students were invited to play a game while learning about how to reduce waste on campus. They also learned about how the best routes to ride to campus by bike and how to lock their bikes safely.

In the first photo below, our team, along with the support of student mentors, “staff” the Zero Waste bins to guide people to sort their waste.

As well, our local transit service providers were also on site introducing their services and useful resources to students. A big thank-you to Region of Peel, Oakville Transit, Brampton Transit and TransHelp for joining us this year!