New Zero Waste Bins at Davis

Have you noticed the new metal bins at Davis Campus? Sorting your waste is now even easier!

95 new Zero Waste bins have been installed over the last few weeks across Davis Campus. The new metal bins replaced many smaller plastic bins across campus, and they fully comply with fire code regulations. The new bins are accessible and have improved signage, so it is easier to sort your waste. Be sure to take a second to check them out  learn what waste goes where. Let’s do our part for the environment together!

Did you know?
Sheridan is a post secondary leader in sustainability initiatives. Since introducing campus wide Zero Waste stations in 2014, Sheridan has reduced its waste sent to the landfill by 53% (or 733 metric tons) in 2018-19 compared to the 2013-14 baseline year. We still have a lot of work to do in becoming a Zero Waste campus, we need everyone to help us improve our waste diversion from the landfill by doing their part and sorting waste properly!

If you have any questions about Mission Zero, or the new waste bins, you can contact us at

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