Food Waste: A Big Problem!

Mission Zero and Chartwells have teamed up to host an exciting new event to raise awareness about food waste at Sheridan.

Did you know that more than half of our food waste is not sorted properly. According to the waste audit at the Trafalgar campus in 2017, 52% of the waste produced at Trafalgar was food waste, yet our organics diversion rate was only 29%. Food waste was the biggest type of contaminants in the landfill bin and it accounted for 42% of the bin content. One of the main reasons causing this high rate is that some people don’t take the time to sort their waste and throw everything in the landfill bin.

The Mission Zero team will be visiting each campus this week to observe students in the cafeteria as they throw away their waste. If a student correctly sorts their waste, it will be celebrated by ringing a bell. The student will then get the opportunity to spin a wheel and win a prize from the cafeteria!

The event will take place from 12:00pm-1:00pm at each campus on the following days:

Davis Cafeteria – Tuesday, April 3th

Trafalgar Cafeteria – Wednesday, April 4th

HMC Cafeteria – Thursday, April 5th

You will learn more about food waste and how to reduce it while getting a chance to win some great prizes. Hope to see you there!

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