Coffee Cup Campaign: Bring Your Own Cup!

Every day, many students, faculty, and staff buy hot (and cold) drinks in a single use cup that is thrown away after use. An estimated 80,000 single use cups are sold each month, and this is just at Sheridan!

For the weeks of February 10 and 17th , stop by our table on all campuses and learn about the environmental impact of single use cups (see the dates and times here). We’ll also share some benefits of bringing your own reusable cup- including cost savings. Don’t forget to bring your reusable cup for some free coffee too!

Bring Your Own Cup!

Here at Sheridan, we can sort coffee cups into our zero-waste bins: coffee cups can go in the organics (green) bin, and the sleeve and lid can go in the recycling (blue) bin. The green bin waste from our campuses is transported to a waste management facility where they are converted to electricity and fertilizers by a process called anaerobic digestion. If these cups are not sorted correctly, they end up in the landfill- and they take more than 30 years to decompose.

We can do more to reduce the number of single-use cups we throw away!

Bring Your Own Cup and REDUCE the amount of waste by refusing single use coffee cups! If everyone in just a class of 30 brought their own cup, that’s saving 2250 single use cups per week from being thrown out. You can help us become a zero-waste campus by 2030 and reduce your environmental impact by switching to reusable cup options.

If you have any questions about our Bring Your Own Cup Campaign, or Mission Zero, you can contact us at

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