Sheridan ARE YOU READY?!

There’s a Bike Shop coming to HMC, in the A-Wing and we need your help to name it for its grand-opening! We’re working to create a Do It Yourself Repair Shop, a Free Rental Service, and a Mentorship Program.

Our goal is to have the shop and rental service fully operational by the end of October, so that students can take full advantage of this new resource as soon as possible.

There have already been some great suggestions from your peers, but we wish to give the Sheridan Community one more chance to name their Bike Centre. Let us know of any names you would like to see above the door and we will choose the top favourites by September 30th. We will have a vote of our top favourites afterwards.

To give you a little idea of what’s happening here is an image of our Future Rental Bikes:

How to suggest a name?
Comment on this post below!

Stay tuned for more updates 🙂

13 Comments on “Sheridan ARE YOU READY?!

  1. I propose one word referring to both Sheridan and activity, short but descriptive :

    alternatively SheriCycling

    or subtle:

  2. Mission Possible
    Bruins Bike
    The Bruins Rider, nothing to do with The Ghost Rider

  3. Suggested names below:

    Sheridan bike hub
    Sheridan Easy Bike
    Sheridan Go bike
    Sheridan Green circle
    Sheridan Pro Bike
    Sheridan Breeze
    Sheridan Green wheel

    • Hi Sanket,

      Starting next Tuesday April 23, you may rent a bike at the Sheridan Bike Hub. The program is currently available for Full-time students (please show your Enrollment Letter to complete this process), Staff, and Faculty. The webpage with more details about the Rental Program should be out soon!

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