David Suzuki speaks live at Sheridan – Join us Nov 2!

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Award-winning geneticist, environmental advocate, and broadcaster Dr. David Suzuki is coming to Sheridan! The popular host of CBC’s Nature of Things and co-founder of the David Suzuki Foundation has dedicated decades of his life to initiatives that protect our natural environment, to getting Canadians reacquainted with nature, and to pushing for action on climate change.

Suzuki will be delivering a keynote address about how the Sheridan community can get involved in environmental initiatives and make a difference. He will also discuss the upcoming COP21 Climate Change Negotiations in Paris at the end of November, which aims to create legally binding and universal commitments for over 190 nations around the world to halt global warming. Colleges and universities worldwide are engaging in the process and encouraging their governments to commit to reducing their nation’s greenhouse gas emissions. Young people, including countless students, realize better than anyone that this generation has to make lasting change in order to prevent permanent damage to our climate and the environment.

The talk is being held at Trafalgar Campus in the Athletic Center Gymnasium on Monday, November 2nd, from 11:00am to 12:30pm.

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The talk will also be lived streamed on Sheridan TV.

For more information on COP21, please visit: http://www.cop21paris.org/about/cop21

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